Spiritual Guides and Angels

Get to know and work with the higher energy from universe.

The newest concept on Livsinspiration is to bring out more from the wisdom of universe. And who can better help us than the spiritual guides that are here for us from the other side. 

In this group you will find webinars, seances, healing, meditation, group coaching and awakening with the guidance from above. This group is for both swedish and english speakers.

The registration to Angel community & Communication is open two times/year.  

Angel Community & Communication

Get to know

Divine Guidance course is only available in swedish! 

I kursen får du prova olika verktyg och övningar för att ta kontakt med dina andliga vägledare, guider och änglar. Även om ni redan har en kontakt idag så kommer den här kursen att fördjupa er kommunikation.