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I talk about changing and healing Life. In june 2019 i release a my new lecture "Your body - an Amazing Creation."

I want to inspire and show effective methods to create healing by Lifestyle Changes. Listen to me and you get a real good start to a whole new healingprocess.

You can book my lectures straight to your workplace or buy a directly in the webbshop.

Therese was very inspiring and evident. Amazing, a lot of people should hear this.


Healing Life

To open and get closer to yourself

ThereseElisabeth is the nurse that makes you heal your Life. By combine traditional care sciences with alternative caring, Therese has participated to revolutionary lifechanges for many people. She creates healing from the inside by increase awareness about what is creating Health and illness in the holistic.

Selfhealing Always starts with every individual person, but Therese inspires and lead you to initiate your healingprocess. Follow the journey where the spirit is in focus to create healing and freedom in the physical body and Life.

Your body-an amazing Creation

It has Everything. It knows Everything. The problem is, we do not listen.

Have an open mind. Release some of what you have learned and listen carefully. Listen with your body. Listen with your feeling.

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Reinforces and Wake up thoughts and ideas that brings us forward!